What is a Parable?

What is a Parable? The word parable comes from the Greek parabole, meaning "comparison, illustration, analogy". A Biblical parable is a short story that illustrates a spiritual truth. It sketches a setting, describes an action, and shows the results. It other words it describes a physical story that is cast a parallel spiritual truth.

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Our Selection

What is our Selection? We are teaching 52 of Jesus' parables this year and this link takes you to our year-to-date parable analysis.

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Why did Jesus use Parables?

A good picture can speak more loudly and clearly than many words. Jesus used the ordinary everyday to point to another order of reality, hidden, yet visible to those who had "eyes to see" and "ears to hear". Jesus' parables communicated with pictures and stories, vivid illustrations which captured the imaginations of his audience more powerfully than an abstract presentation could. Jesus' parables are like buried treasure waiting to be discovered, "he that hath ears let him hear".

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Bible Seminars & Revivals

Building a Bible Seminar or Revival messages on Jesus' Parables is a simple and powerful way to communicate the character of God and the charactistics of His Kingdom and of those who desire to be members of the kingdom.

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How Many Parables of Jesus?

The number of parables Jesus told is a highly debated subject and depends on a person definition of a parable. Some say Jesus told as as few as thirty parables, however if we use the definition of parable on the left the number approaches one hundred parables.

Interpeting Jesus' Parables

By nature, a parable invites the reader or listener to supply the interpretation. Parables often follow the Rule of Two. There were usually two people, two things, or two events that experience tension between them and usually represent righteousness and sin, good and evil. When you look for these two elements you will find an important part of the development of the parable.

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Links to Great Parables of Jesus Resources

Parable Bible Study Guides

Simple Teaching of Jesus

Today. many people who call themselves Christians are looking far a simplified Gospel. This is not new. Some have simplified down to living by the golden rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. This concept while with good intentions can lead to terrible results. Jesus' parables while simple in story are deep in theology.

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Purpose of Parables-ofJesus.org:

Our desire is to provide usful resources and tools to encourage and develope productive workers for God's Kingdom. This website is designed to not only provide the Word of God, but reduce the time it takes someone to develope a lecture or sermon on one of Jesus' Parables.

Also the material (Resources on Jesus' Parables)on this website can easily be used to develope a year of individual study (daily devotional, Sunday School, Small Group, or Church wide Bible Study.

'Parables of Jesus' is a website dedicated to provide teaching resources for all of Jesus's parables.